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Speech-Language Pathologist

Danielle has been working with adults with neurological impairments since graduating with her Master's in Speech-Language Pathology in 2012. Through her experience in a variety of medical settings, Danielle's true passion lies in the community reintegration of adults with cognitive and communication difficulties. 


Danielle believes in a collaborative approach by supporting her clients in creating and achieving their personal goals. Danielle is dedicated to helping her clients gain independence, reduce their frustrations, successfully return to work or school, and return to the activities and social interactions that are important to them.  


Danielle is a member of good standing with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists (CASLPO), a nationally certified member of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), a member of the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists (OSLA) and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Candice Fourie
Speech-Language Pathologist

Candice has been dedicated to working with the adult stroke and brain injury population since she began her career in 2010. Candice has a unique understanding of the continuum of care, having provided assessment and intervention from arrival in the Emergency Room/ICU, to stabilization in acute care, to inpatient rehabilitation and transitioning to community care following discharge from the hospital.


Candice's passion is rehabilitation, with a focus on ensuring that clients don't simply return home, but rather fully return to their lives.


Candice works with clients to establish meaningful goals for communication, cognition and swallowing and uses evidence informed treatment to ensure positive outcomes.

Candice is a member in good-standing with the College of Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists (CASLPO), a nationally certified member of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), and a member of the Ontario Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists (OSLA). 

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